Our Practices

Your First Visit

Please plan to come 15 minutes early for your first appointment so we can learn about your medical history.  Certain patients need to take medication before dental work is done.  We can help to advise you as we look a your record.  Also bring along any medications that you are talking so we can avoid potential harmful drug interaction.  Bring insurance information, too if you are planning to file claim for dental work.  We will help you with your claim 


We know that emergencies happen, both from pain and injury, and we make every effort to see emergency patients as soon as possible.  Please call before coming so that we can be ready for you.   We are available for emergencies at anytime, including hours when the office is closed.  The doctor cell phone number is 979 487 3856


It is essential that all phone calls are handled by our staff, who are trained to ask and answers pertinent questions to determine what we should do to help you. The doctor will answer telephone calls only  when it is absolutely necessary, so that other patients are not kept waiting.  If you have any question for the doctor, she will return your call as soon as possible.   

Fee and Payment

We tried to set our fees at a reasonable level based on community standards and our level of services provided.  If you have any questions about our fees, please feel free to discuss them with us.  Our patients are expected to pay for the professional services at the time they receive them.  For major services requiring several visits, we require a deposit of one half a the beginning of treatment and the balance by the ime the work is completed.  We do accept major credit cards and CareCredit financing option   


Insurance is a contract between the insurance company and the patient, not the dentist.  The patient is responsible for all charges for dental care.  We will gladly complete your dental insurance forms to help you receive the maximum payment from your insurance company.  There is no charge for this service.  Be sure to bring your insurance information with you when you come. 


To give the best and most efficient care, we must work within an appointment system.  We plan very carefully and reserve the right amount of time for each patient so that the most dental care can be accomplished in the shortest period of time. 

We will try to keep on schedule through the entire day so you will have to wait the shortest time possible once you arrive at the office.  Of course emergencies and unforeseen patient treatment problems may arise, causing schedule delay or changes. Emergencies are unexpected and seem to come at the most inconvenient times, We understand that other patients who might be slightly inconvenienced by this will be understanding as they will receive the same careful attention as always, with the minimum possible delay.  

We do not "over-book" and your appointment time has been reserved for you, exclusively.  If you find it necessary to change your appointment, please call us at least 24 hours in advance so that we can reschedule you at a convenient time. Otherwise, we will have to charge you for your appointment time. 

Contact Us. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.